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My Process

Every project is unique so please take the below as a general guide, remembering that some steps may be more applicable to you than others.  Whether you are embarking on a new build or a renovation of an existing home, the number of decisions can be overwhelming. I have found that having someone to help lead you through the process, removing that doubt along the way, will result in a much more enjoyable client experience with the end result a home you can be truly proud of. 

Engaging me at the very beginning of the project - along with your architect and your builder will always result in the best outcome.  Your architect, builder and interior designer form a cohesive team - each with differing perspectives and skills that ultimately influence your finished home.

Interior Design

01  Initial Discovery Meeting

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This is where we meet and chat through your project goals and aspirations for how you want your home to look and feel.  The more I know about who you are, how you like to live and what’s important to you in a home, the better. During this consult we’ll discuss the details of your project, reviewing any existing plans from your architect or builder as well as discuss what you hope to achieve, budget considerations and your timeline. 


Following this, I’ll create an estimated fee proposal for you including the time it will take me to meet your project requirements.  


Initial Discovery Meeting  - $295 excl. GST

02  Concept and Review

Interior Design Concepts

Upon accepting the proposal, it is time to get to work. 


Based on our initial meeting, I will present you with a master plan (in the form of a look and feel mood board) that will guide us through the project including my design ideas, inspirational images, sketches and layout options for your project.


The main objective of this is to ensure you feel confident with the design direction for your project. Client collaboration and feedback helps to ensure the design process is enjoyable and the end result is one you’re truly proud of.  

03  Spatial Planning

Spatial Planning Concepts

For projects that include detailed spatial planning such as kitchens, bathrooms and other interior elements, once we have confirmed the look and feel of the project I’ll present the layout options for the space that best meet your brief.  Once the best layout has been confirmed we’ll move onto the detailed design phase which will include both dimensioned floor plans and elevations. All drawings and designs are completed by myself, with no outsourcing to third parties ensuring a cohesive and intimate approach throughout the process. 


All designs are developed using the latest CAD software that will be presented in both 2D and 3D views so that you can truly get a sense of what your space will look like upon completion. 

04  Developed Design & Material Selection

Material and product selection

Once we have agreed on the design concept for the project and the spatial planning elements have been confirmed (for projects that include spatial planning), the developed design phase begins.  


Here I will detail all of the products that I have selected for your project including paint colours, finishes (bench top options etc), fittings and fixtures, fabrics floor coverings, window treatments and more.  Samples of each of these (where possible) will be provided to give you a complete picture of how I envisage the project coming together.  


I’ll often recommend that we visit certain showrooms to view selections such as kitchen and bathroom fittings or benchtop slab options before final sign off.

05  Furniture Selection & Purchasing

Furniture selection

For projects that include furniture and/or Art selection, a full schedule outlining selected finishes, costs and suppliers will be collated for you to begin sourcing.  For furniture sourced directly from wholesale only suppliers, I’ll work with you to purchase these on your behalf.

To discuss your project or arrange a first meeting, please call me on +64 21 968912 or email me on

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